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Look Younger. Feel Better. Thermi™ is the world leader in thermistor-regulated energy solutions for aesthetics, dermatology and women’s health. It uses technology that gently heats tissue to rejuvenate collagen, without discomfort or downtime.
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ThermiSmooth featured on Extra TV

Cosmetic dermatologist Dr. Talia Emery at Veronica Spa in Malibu, CA shares her secret weapon — ThermiSmooth Face, which targets problem areas on the surface of the skin using temperature controlled radio-frequency and thermal imaging.

ThermiVa® with Red Alinsod MD

Dr. Red Alinsod features on the Doctors discussing ThermiVa. Dr. Red Alinsod explains and demonstrates the benefits of temperature controlled radio-frequency technology for feminine rejuvenation with the non-invasive ThermiVa treatment.

ThermiVa® for Vaginal Rejuvenation

We Are Austin Morning Lifestyle Show. Dr. Jennifer Walden is the first in Austin, Texas to offer ThermiVa at her practice. This non-surgical treatment helps women reclaim, restore and revive their vulvovaginal youthfulness and well-being.

ThermiVa® on Check This Out Houston TV

Camille Cash, MD discusses ThermiVa on Check This Out Houston. The female benefits of ThermiVa, a temperature controlled radiofrequency treatment, are discussed and patients of Dr. Camille Cash share their own success stories with ThermiVa.



ThermiTight® on TODAY Show

New York City plastic surgeon, Dr. Yael Halaas was featured on TODAY performing popular non-invasive and minimally invasive treatments for anti-aging and weight loss. ThermiTight is a well known skin tightening treatment that reduced the look of lines and wrinkles.